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June 2000


The "pot" and the boxcar. Together for the first time (and last). Thanks to Ken Riddle and many others (check his website) for making this happen. The boxcar sat since the 50s in a pile of sawdust at a sawmill in Shell Creek. The bottom beams are made of locust wood and look practically new. Amazing. With some convict labor (maybe some of Ken's friends?) new sheathing and a new roof walk were added. The narrow gauge trucks came from the D&RGW courtesy of the Doe River Gorge Ministries. The fireless cooker was barely rescued in time before the devastating fire at the NARC plant in Elizabethton in February 2000. These are sitting on dual-gauge track in a permanent display across 19E from the park and covered bridge. You can't miss them. Hope Ken can wrangle the number 505 caboose to put behind them some day.

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