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June 2000

Downtown Johnson City

I've started shooting pictures of old architectural details here in Memphis. Johnson City has a wealth of them too, but that could be the theme of a whole 'nuther website. I just included a few interesting items. This is a building on the east side of Buffalo Street, almost across the street from the old ET depot. I think I had a photo of this in last year's pictures, but it was from a distance. This was some pretty elaborate tile work. It's kinda funny to think about, but I guess ole J.B. Roithner thought his business would be here for a very long time. Wonder how long he did remain in this building? It's details like this that make a model railroad city come to life.

Anybody wanting any photos of some of the old buildings in the downtown section of Johnson City should get them soon. Downtown JCity is going the way of many smaller cities in the country and giving away its old downtown in lieu of the new suburban malls and strip centers on the outskirts of town.


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