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June 2000


Here's the "pot" and the boxcar again. No...not John and Ken...the locomotive and railroad car. This locomotive is deceptively large. It looked rather medium sized when it was sitting over at the rayon plant. Out here in the open, it looks huge. It dwarfs the original ET&WNC boxcar behind it. And Ken, the boxcar is starting to look the right length to me now. We peeled off a piece of the paint from the front of the loco, and underneath it revealed the original dark green paint, kind of like a military olive drab green, that it will be repainted after its sandblasting and cleaning. That Bi-Centennial paint job from around 1976 "might" have looked good back then, but man, is it time for a change. Now if only they can find out who ran off with the bell and the number plate.


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