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June 2000

CC&O Depot in Johnson City

Back in Johnson City for an exciting Sunday afternoon of measuring the old ET&WNC depot, now the Free Service Tire Company. I'm planning on doing some scale drawings of the old depot as it was originally built by the ETV&G (Southern). I think John, Malcolm and his son actually enjoyed helping in the measuring, at least they made out like they did. This, however, is not the ET depot but the end of the loading dock of the old CC&O depot, a 2-story, fairly substantial building directly across the street from the ET depot. This is looking west from the end of the freight dock. Back in the ET&WNC narrow gauge days, that track on the right side of the dock had a third rail owned by the ET&WNC. The ET track went west past the Model Mill (tall building on the left) about a half mile down past what was then Johnson City Veneer, Johnson City Lumber, and ended at the old foundry. Part of the foundry is still there, and the CSX tracks (ex CC&O, ex Clinchfield) still go that way and I believe tie in to the main line on the west end of town. The tracks on the right side of the road are the Norfolk Southern (will always be the Southern to me) tracks. The owner of this building (now an antique shop) told me that the city has informed him that the old CC&O depot is slated for demolition in the next few years because of the condition of the structure. Hope someone can save it. I hate seeing history go down to the wrecking ball and bulldozer. Fortunately, this building is currently in development and is going to be saved and repurposed. Hooray!


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